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Al Wilson

Al Wilson
Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

Al knows from personal experience how much your life can be improved when you find the right solution for your hearing loss.

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Traditional hearing aids are a thing of the past.

hearing aid digital hearing aids wichita resound alera wireless hearing aids bluetooth hearing aid Intelligent. Unrivalled. Wireless. Hearing aids with a rich surround sound experience and clarity that you'll really appreciate when you're deep in conversation and there's a lot going on around you.

  • Understand speech better, even in noisy environments
  • Automatically adjusts to your listening situation
  • Experience a phone call or a hug without whistling or buzzing in your ear
  • Enjoy music and sound that are clear and pure
  • Experience a phone call or a hug without whistling or buzzing in your ear
  • A truly wireless hearing aid that connects you directly to your TV, cell phone and other audio devices

We Help Wichita Hear What It's Been Missing!

Learn why so many people in our community are hearing better and enjoying their new advanced digital hearing instruments!

You have absolutely nothing to lose with our RISK FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.

With every hearing aid purchase we offer:

FREE Hearing Consultation & Evaluation
FREE 6-Month Supply of Batteries
FREE Unlimited Hearing Aid Cleanings
FREE Unlimited Adjustments

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