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"It has now been more than one year since I first visited your place of business, and I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with the hearing aids I purchased from you. But there is a lot more that I have received than just a perfect set of hearing aids prompting me to let you know of my satisfaction with your care and service. It is for that reason I am compelled to state in writing just a few of the attributes you bring to your profession. You are well aware of my background and the fact that I spent over 30 years in the Marine Corps as a jet fighter pilot. Being subjected to the high pitched whine of jet engines for many of those years undoubtedly contributed to some of the hearing loss I have experienced. Your thorough approach to analyzing my hearing aid needs was eye-opening, to say the least. Yes, I had annual physical examinations during my flying career and was given hearing tests on each of them. I was aware that I had a hearing loss at certain frequencies, but I never thought it was something for which I should wear hearing aids to correct. It was your informative explanation of just how the human brain processes the sounds we hear and your demonstration with the technology of today that enabled me to 'see" on the computer screen just where my hearing was deficient. This is what convinced me that my everyday life could be improved with the assistance of hearing aids. After using my hearing aids for over a year now, this has proven to be the case. Along the way you have been careful to recheck my hearing and 'tweak' the instruments to improve my recognition of sounds in certain frequencies that can easily be misunderstood. I have found this extra attention you provide to be above and beyond the call, and I suspect that many healthcare professionals do not measure up to the standards you have imposed upon yourself. Therefore, I want to commend you for your attention to patient care. It is of the highest quality, and if you ever need a witness to vouch for you, I hope you will keep me in mind."
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William A. Bloomer
Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret), Wichita, Kansas
"I would like to express my thanks to you for the care you have given me to ensure that I receive the best quality of hearing possible. You have without a doubt given to me the pleasure of receiving the best treatment from a business man that I have ever received. Your service has gone above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I just want to thank you for helping me have a part of the good life of hearing. I have told others of the satisfaction that I have received in the six years of wearing hearing aids. Thanks again. God bless."
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V.L. Lindbloom
Pastor, Wichita, Kansas
"I have known Al since he opened his business inWichita about eight years ago. He immediately showed interest in my hearing problems (both ears), and I agreed to testing and soon purchased a set of hearing aids from him. From the beginning Al was patient with me and took as much time as needed to work with me to adjust the setting on the instruments or to provide me with information I wanted. As a user of hearing aids for over 20 years before meeting Al, I had never encountered a provider who was so willing to help the patient. I was very impressed.
Over the years as new technology became available, Al introduced me to new products and helped me decide if I wanted to see if they would help my needs. When my right ear became progressively worse, Al introduced me to cochlear systems by urging me to go see a local audiologist who referred me to Midwest Ear Institute in Kansas City, MO. In 2011 I had surgery for a cochlear implant. From that time on, Al has continue to work with me and my cochlear system to balance my hearing.
I continue to be blessed and feel very fortunate to have connected with Al Wilson and his hearing services."
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Ron Grover
Wichita, Kansas

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