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Al Wilson

Al Wilson
Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

Al knows from personal experience how much your life can be improved when you find the right solution for your hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Styles & Technology
wireless hearing aids iPhone hearing aids
ReSound Linx™ Made for iPhone (MFi) technology and hearing aid connectivity have ushered in a new era of opportunity. For many, hearing loss has meant missing out on the closeness and connectivity offered by technology, which MFi now makes possible.
listening clearly
Audéo SMART™ by Phonak features SoundRecover for expanded audibility of high frequencies, ZoomControl with DirectTouch, DuoPhone, a peerless telephone solution, and more.

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes, styles and technologies. Which one is right for you? That answer depends on your individual hearing loss and your personal listening needs. Our Hearing Care Professional will work with you to determine the very best solution for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers in a variety of sizes and shapes, from instruments that fit behind the ear to instruments that fit within the ear canal. Electronic circuitry has advanced significantly, allowing patients greater sound comfort and improved speech recognition in noisy situations.

Digital and programmable hearing aids, which are adjusted via a computer connection, provide the most flexibility, allowing the audiologist to custom fit the response of the device to a specific hearing loss. Your hearing care professional will help you choose the best instrument according to your needs and your budget.

Hearing aids have developed from "clunky ear prosthetics" to amazingly sophisticated devices that can be both comfortable and virtually invisible!

Depending on the level of technology that you prefer, modern hearing devices have the ability to:

• digitally process sound in a way that sounds very natural.
• adapt and automatically adjust to different listening environments.
• filter out background noise to focus on the sounds you want to hear.
• be programmed to suit the types of listening environments you experience.

They are quiet (no whistling!) and can barely be seen — unless you want them to because some styles look pretty hi-tech like something James Bond would have!

After we provide you with our recommendations to help you hear better and answer your questions, we'll provide you with information the latest, most comfortable, hearing aids available.

It's important to us that you know that "hearing aids" are a lot different than they were even five years ago. If you're picturing a really obvious instrument that sits on your ear and whistles, you're in for a very pleasant surprise!

Modern hearing aids are tiny (in some cases virtually invisible!), sophisticated devices with an array of special functions that can "zoom in" on sounds you want to hear and "cancel out" noise that makes it difficult to understand conversation.

Plus, they can be programmed to suit your personal listening needs. If you like to attend the theater, eat in restaurants, have a family barbecue, go to a basketball game, run marathons—we can work with you to find a hearing aid that fits YOUR lifestyle.

open fit open ear BTE

Open Fit or Open Ear

These are currently the most popular hearing aids available. They are comfortable to wear, offer a wide array of features, and people barely notice you are wearing them.

hearing aid CIC

Completely in the Canal (CIC)

These instruments are tiny and fit, literally, completely in the ear canal.

hearing aid ITC

Canal Style or In The Canal (ITC)

These instruments fit in the ear canal and are somewhat visible.

hearing aid ITE

Full Shell - In the Ear (ITE)

These instruments fit slightly in the canal and fill the ear with a shell.

hearing aid BTE

Behind the Ear (BTE)

These instruments sit behind the ear and have a tube that connects the instrument to a custom made mold that fits in the ear.

Images courtesy of ReSound.


We dispense a variety of hearing instruments, including entry level to premium level digital, from leading manufacturers to ensure that we are able to provide our patients with the most options and benefits. We also fit most other manufacturers and brands based on lifestyle, needs and budget. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific manufacturer or brand.  We also offer an extensive complement of assistive listening devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Phonak Hearing Instruments Audeo Zip • Audeo SMART • Audeo Mini • Audeo YES • Exelia Art • Versata Art • Certena Art • Naida • Milo / Milo Plus
ReSound Hearing Instruments Alera • dot2 • Sparx • Essence • be • Live
siemens hearing instruments Pure • Life • Motion • Nitro • Lotus • Intuis • Explorer
starkey hearing aids OtoLens • S series iQ • zon • destiny
Widex Hearing Instruments Clear440 • Mind • Passion440 • REAL • Passion • Inteo • AIKIA • Flash • SCOLA FM

What often keeps people from reconnecting with conversations and the other sounds of life they have been missing out on is a concern that they can't afford hearing aids.

Part of Preferred Hearing Aid Center's hearing aid consultation is understanding your budget. We want to help you find a personalized hearing solution that improves your ability to hear without making a huge dent in your budget.

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